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Welcome to Alan Gandy Photography

Alan is a British photographer based in Almeria, Spain.

Since completing a degree in fine art photography (more years ago than he cares to remember) Alan has had his work published, exhibited, and sold through libraries. He also sells prints of his personal work to collectors. Prior to moving to Spain he also held a number of positions teaching the subject in further education.

Alan isn’t what you think of as a normal professional photographer. He describes himself as opinionated, arrogant, cantankerous and argumentative, especially when discussing the subject of photography. Another way to describe his approach might be as extremely passionate about the medium – he considers himself ‘an artist who uses a camera’ rather than a ‘commercial photographer’.

His interest in photography extends further than what he would describe as the false notion of the ‘Real Spain’. To him the real Spain extends beyond the over used tourism clichés. Alan’s real Spain includes the darker side of life. You’d be as likely to find him at the roadside photographing road kill, wandering a city looking for harsh realities rather than historic buildings, or in the middle of a riot, as you would to find him photographing old folk sat round quaint villages, flamenco dancers or some of the countries glorious landscapes and seascapes. That’s not to say he doesn’t have a love for the prettier side of the country; he just likes to dig deeper than a picture postcard view of the world.

Alan does of course do commercial work, but only accepts commissions that really interest him. In his words; “I’m in the lucky position of not having to accept every offer of photography work that comes through the door. We have other interests that keep food on the table and the wolves from our door. I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than photograph a wedding or do studio portraiture of cute kids or scantily clad young (or not so young) ladies to make them feel or look better than they actually do. Set me off on the road doing travel or editorial photography I’m doing at the moment and I’m much more in my element.”

If you’re interested in talking to Alan about any commercial commissions, please follow this link to the contact form on this site.